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When long flowing hair is a must-have, exceptional care is absolutely essential.

There are many factors that figure into this picture of perfection. The fantasy may include such elements as the location, the venue, the guest list and, oh yes, the dress. So many details to check off of her long list of wishes. Some are priorities, others are simply preferences. But there is one must-have on almost every bride’s wish list, and that is perfect hair.

For brides who desire long, flowing hair or elaborate up-dos, there is some preparation to be done to get from everyday hair to a camera-ready coiff—just ask bride-to-be Millie Mackintosh. Growing hair out in time for a milestone event takes planning, patience, determination and, of course, a solid hair care strategy.

Enter Extentioniste… the new line that promises to grow hair longer, stronger and healthier than ever before—up to four centimeters after three months, to be precise. Which is just about how long Millie has to get her hair in shape for her glorious nuptials. It’s the perfect solution for any bride out there who is determined to have long hair for her wedding. As it takes time to achieve long, healthy, gorgeous, wedding-day locks, it’s best not to wait.



Long-haired brides- and bridesmaids-to-be, it is time for you to visit the salon for a trim (not too much!) and Protocole Extentioniste—a long-hair boost. While you’re there, your stylists can recommend the ideal at-home hair routine to get you growing, growing, growing so you’re ready for the big day with hair that looks effortlessly beautiful and undeniably romantic.

If you have bridesmaids or family members who also happen to want their own long-hair looks to grace your wedding album, ask them to join you, and you can tackle your hair goals together.

When the big day comes and the cameras click, toss your hair and smile.

No one needs to know how hard you worked for this.


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