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Introducing Résistance Extentioniste, the ultimate advantage in the quest for long hair. It’s a new family of products focused on keeping hair strong and healthy, so it can grow as long as you like, always looking glossy and gorgeous.

At some point in her life, every woman has wanted long, luxurious hair. The kind that moves with you, that cascades to your shoulders and beyond down, down, down

The hair of a modern mermaid, armed with feminine power and fascinating secrets. A neverending halo of gorgeousness.


It’s just that, whenever you try to grow your hair out, you run into problems. Breakage and damage, dryness and dullness. As hair grows longer, it simply spends more time in the world, exposed to the elements, environmental pollutants and styling and chemical stresses.

As it approaches the desired length, hair begins to look...not its best. Reluctantly, you ask your stylist to cut a bit more than you would’ve liked. You tell yourself it’s for the health of your hair. It feels like it’s one step up, two steps back, always. You never quite reach your goal length.

No more of this, we say.

The hair scientists at Kérastase are aware of the difficulties of the growth process. We know that it requires willpower and dedication, a focused regimen that produces the strength and stamina hair needs to go the extra mile. You need the right tools and techniques to get the results you want.

The new range

Introducing Résistance Extensioniste

Strengthening and long-hair boosting shampoo for weakened long hair.


The new range

Introducing Résistance Extensioniste

Deep conditioning treatment allowing hair to be stronger and reach new healthy lengths.


The new range

Introducing Résistance Extensioniste

Energizing leave-in serum to stimulate and protect the scalp for healthy long hair.


It’s a new family of products focused on keeping each strand strong and healthy, so hair can grow as long as you like, looking glossy and gorgeous all the while. No more too-generous trims and a-little-too-short styles.

See your stylist right away to jumpstart your long-hair training program with Protocole Extentioniste, a boost for your hair goals. Your stylist can also recommend an at-home Extentioniste hair training to keep you on track between visits.

With exceptional care and a little patience, you can achieve long, healthy, incredible hair, and keep it that way until you decide it’s time to cut it. Which might be never. Who can predict?

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Find your Hairdresser Coach

See your stylist (a.k.a. your hair coach) right away to jumpstart your Training Program for Longer Hair, a three-month journey that gets your hair in shape to reach your long hair goals.


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